Hi! I'm Marta

My artistic career began without me realizing it. I remember before starting school, spending long afternoons drawing and looking out my bedroom window, simply observing the world. I remember how beautiful the morning sunlight came through my orange curtains when my mother came to wake me up, the warm tone of my cocoa with milk, and the dense pine forest that surrounded my grandmother's house.

The first time I remember consciously noticing light was when I went to live in Africa. It was at the end of August, I was 8. When I returned to Portugal, to spend Christmas, I noticed that the air seemed more transparent than the yellowish tone of Africa. So when I went back, I began my journey of taking a closer look at the world I was in. I quickly discovered the National Geographic Magazines that my father was stacking on the shelf under the coffee table in the living room.

I always liked to collect things. Stones, leaves, shapes, colors, and memories (in photographic format). Organize them, categorize them, and get to know the details of animals, fungi, and plants. That's why when I finished my degree in Drawing at the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon (I started in Painting, I didn't finish it, I switched to Drawing when I realized that I drew terribly and that it was the basis I needed to make the paintings I wanted), I thought I might want to pursue scientific illustration. I had a fantastic teacher, Pedro Salgado, but the dissemination of science has many rules, the drawings are so meticulous, time-consuming, and have little room for creativity. I felt like a scribe monk.

It was then that the opportunity arose to work at one of the oldest publishing houses in Portugal, Imprensa Nacional (it's the official publishing house of the Portuguese State, created in 1768). The idea of working in a "house of books" pleased me because I appreciate a good book and the romanticism of a fantastic world to discover has always been with me. For 4 years I developed campaigns for social networks, did web design for websites and blogs, created brochures, presentations, logos, invitations, posters, postcards, banners for stores, book straps, an ad that was shown on Portuguese national television channels, and another that was shown in Cape Verde. I've done all kinds of small tasks that needed someone to do them. I also collaborated at the Portuguese Mint Museum and in the organization of two editions of the França Borges Book Market.

I learned how to organize myself, turn in work on time, make and keep a briefing and especially, sit down, work, and do my best, even when I didn't feel like it.
That work ethic I brought with me when I realized it was time to pursue art.

Since then, I try to see the world as I remember seeing it when I was little, but now with the difference I manage to capture and share it.

Outside of the art world, here are a bunch of random facts that don't really matter:
• I have the honor to meet the best dog in the world. His name is Ozzy. He's a black Labrador who lives with my parents.
• When I was a kid I did karate. I practiced until I won a gold medal at the local youth competition at age 13. I've also won 5 bronze medals and 1 silver in the years before.
• I like taking pictures. It's nothing serious but I like the idea of sharing the moment, the memory.
• I take walks of several kilometers without any destination in mind.
• I like animals. All of them but I like mammals more.
• My hobby is food. I love to eat. I love kitchen gadgets. I love cookbooks. I love Masterchef Australia. I love going to markets. Traditional or author recipes. In order not to go bankrupt, I taught myself how to cook and it is a task that I am proud to do quite well.
• I practice free diving. I'm afraid of eels. And crabs if they're big enough.
• I like traveling by car.
• I am married to a photographer, the brilliant João de Castro. We have both studios and work at home.
• My father is a guitarist, my brother is a game designer and my mother designs wonderful knitted sweaters.
• I have a small 150-liter balanced ecosystem that people like to call an "aquarium".

Thank you for reading all of this. Even if you haven't read it, thanks for scrolling this far. <3

If you'd like to talk to me, I'll be happy to answer any questions about my work, job offers, or any other question, really.

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